59 Things You Don't Need But Might Buy

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Promising review: “I was absolutely amazed by the high quality of these butterfly hair clips. This set includes four different colors: one transparent and three translucent (pink, grey and brown). They are in my waves Stays for hours on shaped hair (not sure about straight hair though). They open and close easily with one hand. The plastic feels very smooth, shiny and sturdy.” — Al P
Promising review: “I just got this magazine rack today and I can’t tell you the quality of this product. It’s beautiful, just like the pictures, and it’s very efficient…I put it in mine Next to the TV stand, there is no need to clutter the shelf anymore ;) ” – NMP118
Merci Milo is a small business in Mount Washington, Los Angeles that showcases unique handcrafted toys for children.
Tamalitoz is a Latinx and queer-owned business based in Texas.This ribbon-style candy is filled with mild chili-lime flavoring for a tangy sweetness.It was started by husband-and-wife team Jack and Dec. in a small candy store in Mexico City.
Promising review: “I tried these once after seeing them at checkout, and now I’m totally in love with them. They’re the perfect combination of sweet, spicy, and salty! Since I pass them quickly, it’s a great One of the best ways to get all the flavors at a reasonable price. They tend to stick together during shipping, especially traveling in Florida, but I’ve never separated them by dabbing the bag. If these candies piss you off If you are interested, go buy it!” – Mina
Promising review: “I love this little guy. He looks tiny; he’s about a litre and a half. The only thing is that when I fill him with water I have to plug the beak hole with my finger to keep the water out Overflowing “When he fills with water, the water flows out.The arc of the water going out also takes a little getting used to, and because of the shape of the beak, there’s a little dribbling when you pour him back.I named him Pete.” – Quinn
Prelude & Dawn is a boutique run by Alison Ables in Los Angeles.This was designed by Coucou Suzette!See more mirrors here.
Promising review: “I love these bulbs. They make any room warm and cozy. Also a fantastic night light for the little ones. :) Here’s some for you!” – Amazon Customer
It also contains 20 plant-based antioxidant-intensive oils, so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep wearing it!It is suitable for all skin types and is fragrance free, vegan and cruelty free.
Youthforia is a small Asian and female-owned business that makes skin-friendly cosmetics that you can sleep in.Founder Fiona Co Chan even tested the blush by sleeping for two months.They are passionate about being environmentally friendly and do not use fossil fuels or toxic substances in their products.
Promising review: “Dewy and glowy. I tried it under makeup and it looked like an intense pink but turned out to be a reddish, glowy color. I had my little sister try it too. Got it because I wanted to see the color change again and it lasted” she used it for a long time.The texture is smooth and easy to knead in and blend.”-summer
Bachan’s is a Japanese small business founded by Justin Gill.The sauce was inspired by the recipe of his grandmother Judy Yokoyama.Gill rejects suggestions to cut costs and water down the beloved sauce, prioritizing maintaining its integrity and using only clean ingredients.Their sauces are cold-filled, vegan, small batch, non-GMO, BPA and preservative free.
I tried this sauce and immediately had everyone I know try it too.When you taste it, this sauce will make you “oh…woah, oh, woah”.
Get it from Bachan’s for $13.99 or Amazon for $13.59 (with gluten-free, hot and yuzu options too!).
Promising review: “This little ball is genius! Rolls around in my purse; I live off it. It picks up a lot of lint, crumbs and even crumbs. The bright pink is easy to find. Only need to be removed and cleaned, then “—dj3biggs
Awoo is a woman-owned business that uses low-impact materials and ships products in eco-friendly packaging.
Promising review: “These are absolutely beautiful! If I move, I’ll take them with me. You might think they’re a little pricey, but they’re really heavy and much better than what you’ll find at your local hardware store. .I bought switch boards, outlet boards, and even a blank board to cover the old electrical boxes left over from DIRECTV.” – Kaleb
Promising review: “This is no ordinary scratching board! It’s stylish, well made, and takes up minimal space (which makes a big difference for our tiny house)! Our cat has been a total terrorist lately, from ripping us apart The sofa to literally tear the paint off our walls. This seemed like the perfect fix as it was attached to the wall. I rubbed some catnip on it and laid it flat to let our cat get used to it, then After hanging it on the wall for a couple of hours. So far so good, he seems to be taking it very quickly! The company just released this product and I feel like my purchase really matters. It’s quality, style And great customer service! I would 100% buy this again and any other product they make!” – Bilash
Think of it as a midday skin refresher!This stuff uses matcha powder to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, plus coconut oil and beeswax to moisturize.
Promising review: “This is basically magic! I use it at night on my lips and dry elbows and in the morning they moisturize. When my skin is red and sensitive, this soothes it. Plus, it smells It smells great and is so convenient!” – Chloe
Magic = Unexplainable Science!This spell circle works on iPhone 11 and later, and Samsung Galaxy S8 and later.
Promising review “The product works great, looks cool, and gives my nightstand a bit of a magical flair without showing it off like some other magic circle chargers that keep me awake at night. AFAIK the runes don’t make any sense, This is the only word I can understand The outer circle is futharc, which is the name of the Norse runic alphabet, made up of the first six letters of that alphabet. The rest of the letters are most likely just the rest of the alphabet in sequence, literally Runes are equivalent to ‘ABCDEFG’ etc. Overall, a good find. I’m very satisfied. – Kevin
Promising review: “I received my Flora & Noor Whipped Body Butter today. The first thing I did was get straight to the ingredients. To say I was impressed with all the natural ingredients would be an understatement. This body butter smells It smells great and is incredibly hydrating. I use it after sugar scrubs and leg shaves. We can say absolutely soothing and light!!!!❤️❤️. This will definitely buy automatically. -Crystal
Promising review: “Suitable for two grown adults with plenty of room. It’s quite large and very sturdy for an inflatable pool. If you put all your weight on their sides, they’ll give in, but It’s still great for sunbathing and cooling off. Our dog even hopped wildly with his paws a few times and it didn’t pop or break at all.” – Tiffany & Co.
Promising review: “Honestly, I was shocked to find this little gem, especially the price. I’ve been using it every day since it arrived on my doorstep. I’ve been taking it back and forth from home to work, but I would instead Buying a second one, and probably a few more as gifts, because Christmas is coming up.” – Helen Quigley
Promising review: “I bought these, not sure how good they are. I use too many paper towels in my art room. These paper towels claim to last up to six uses per sheet, but I’ve found their longevity Longer. They’re a little softer and more resilient. And, bamboo grows so fast, it’s better than cutting down trees.” – Christopher Brubo
It comes with four sponges with different cross stitch designs, a frame and suction cups.Caution with language caution: some messages include profanity.
Promising review: “I love these! Especially the frame that comes with it, didn’t expect this. I gave some as a gift and my parents loved them so much they didn’t want to use them.” – Honest Reviewer ( :
To use it, all you have to do is put a pearl-sized drop of your favorite cleanser on the bottom, add water to the dotted line, and pump it until it lathers.
Promising review: “This thing is the bomb. Exactly what it’s advertised–makes a thick whipped cream/foam with a wash that’s economical and fun. It ‘softens’ harsh washes, making the mixture a great Gentle on the skin. It’s also great for mixed washes if you have two or more you want to combine for different results. Of course, a little goes a long way in this puppy. For the price, it’s A steal – if you’re into this kind of thing. If you’re not sure, definitely try it. It’s a really cool device. – Knock Knock Me
Promising review: “These are a game changer in this house! My son keeps begging me for Uncrustables, but my wallet disagrees with them. I love being able to make them at home and customize them exactly the way they want “—Katherine Smackzniak
Promising review: The mysterious flame colorant is amazing.For a really fun experience, buy some of these for your next camping trip.Seems like the bonfire needs improvement…but this thing is really neat.I’d say adults love it more than kids.We only used one pack and the color was great – it seemed to last at least 20 minutes.The next day, there was even color in the ashes.We would never go camping again without a few packs of Mystic Fire on hand.”—TeNe
Promising review: “We really like this little morel maker – it’s not big, doesn’t take up much space, but does exactly what it’s meant to do. We can’t make a fire or anything like that where I live so This is our next best option.” – Deb
Promising review: “On my two 5-hour flights this weekend, I loved this! Getting my feet up made a huge difference. Plus, I can wiggle them back and forth, which helps move a little bit , to get the blood flowing. I use it both on and off my shoes and it works great. The adjustable straps come in handy on two different flights with different tray heights. I’m tall with long legs and are able to bend to Enough to feel comfortable. Highly recommended. Also rolls up small for easy portability.” —ZZZZ
Promising review: “This is a great product, super cute! The spoon is attached to the side of the cup as intended. I use it every day to stir my coffee.” – Curious Curious
Promising review: “Recyclable packaging, easy to use, great taste, good for gut issues. What more could you ask for, really? I love these and will try all the other flavors. No “weird” aftertaste , but it’s not. Also super sugary. Very slightly sweet and pleasant, no carbonation to irritate your stomach. I consider myself a long-term customer! – woohoo
In addition to space for writing recipes, the notebook also has places to mark recipe type, difficulty, prep time, ratings, and more.
Promising review: “We’ve used this bubble wrap calendar many times over the years. Each bubble is large and makes for a very satisfying pop that can be heard from feet (or even yards!) Here we go! We hang calendars in our bedrooms and bathrooms in the hallway, so it’s easy to see many times during the day.” – Big Sister
If you’ve never had one before, the ramune soda comes in a glass bottle with a marble on top.You push the marble down to open it, then get the marble stuck in the neck of the bottle to drink.
Promising review: “These drinks are the best. They are securely packaged and ready to open. Each flavor is a whole new and different feeling for my taste buds. They are all very good.” – Gerald many
Promising review: “I saw a video on TikTok and I knew I had to have it! I wish I could take a ‘before’ photo to show what my drawer looked like before I put it in the box disaster. Everything looks so neat and orderly now.” – Lisa Hansen
Promising review: “I’ll definitely be investing in more of these masks. I’m a little skeptical about trying the must-haves for my butt (lol), but I really think it works! I feel firmed and detoxed! I recommend trying it One shot and I’ll definitely be buying more. Thumbs up! – Lauren
Get the sloth from Target for $20, the sausage from Amazon for $16.99, and the crown from Amazon for $138.08.
Noodie is an Asian-American woman-owned business that sells single-serving cup noodles inspired by founder Isabel Khoo’s grandmother’s ramen recipe.At $5.75 a pack, it’s a bit more expensive than other instant noodles, but Noodie has spirulina noodles and plenty of vegetables (kale, bok choy, and broccoli).
Promising review: “So I love ramen, but I love, love, love this ramen. My favorite is the green one (I think that’s the pork bone). It’s very rich in flavor, complex and indescribable, but very Delicious. And” – Am L.

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