The best and worst Trader Joe’s Foods-ranked! -Eating this is not that

We like Trader Joe’s and often find some very unique groceries that we can’t find anywhere else. Of course, there will always be old spares that everyone puts in the shopping cart, such as frozen orange chicken and cauliflower glutinous rice balls. But when it comes to choosing Trader Joe’s products that are actually good for nutrition, do you know what to avoid outside of the fresh produce section and what to add to your shopping cart?
We are breaking down the food provided by Trader Joe’s (ranked from worst to best in terms of nutrition) so that you can make a better decision next time you walk into the wonderland of the grocery store. Read on, and for more information, check out the 100 most unhealthy foods on the planet.
One of Trader Joe’s most serious nutritional violations is Carne Asada Burritos. The sodium content of this pair of burritos is as high as 880 mg, which accounts for almost 40% of your daily sodium intake. Burrito also contains 25% of the daily saturated fat intake.
Soy Sausage and Tofu Stir-fry looks like a healthy vegetarian dish, but 980 mg of sodium is equivalent to 43% of your daily intake, which is a dish not to be missed. If you really have to eat this, consider eating half of it, and then save the other half.
Orange Chicken is the favorite product of Trader Joe’s fans, but it should be eaten sparingly. One serving contains 25% daily fat. If you really want to get this, you can consider adding fresh vegetables and eating on brown rice to increase the nutritional value. Here are 5 recipes that can make this purchase healthier.
Most frozen pasta should be avoided because they usually contain fat and carbohydrates. This one from Trader Joe’s is a good example. Contains 10 grams of saturated fat, one serving is equivalent to half of your daily intake. For a better choice, consider some fresh pasta without pre-made sauces.
These are your favorite game day or after-school snacks. Although each serving of them is not terrible to you, you should have a certain degree of self-control when eating them, because the fat intake of a serving of pups exceeds 30% of your daily intake.
These snack duo are a simple lunchtime project, but pay attention to the amount of sugar, which is equivalent to 40% of your daily sugar intake. Although these are not the most serious offenders, the item is eaten every once in a while.
If you count calories or carbohydrates, the protein content in these dumplings will help keep you feeling full without affecting your diet. One thing to pay attention to is the sodium content, so consider skipping these extra soy sauces and just enjoy them.
The vegan hot sauce casserole is a good item, you can put it in your shopping cart and enjoy lunch or dinner easily. Per serving, it’s not very good, but it’s not terrible either. Just skip the salty fries and salsa you want to grab and keep it on the lighter side.
Anything with “poppers” in the title will definitely be delicious, and the nutritional value of these Buffalo Style Chicken Poppers is also good. The protein added from the chicken should keep you feeling full for a while after chewing these.
Although fresh meatballs are always better, these frozen meatballs from Trader Joe’s are very good. They contain 11 grams of protein per two meatballs, but they also contain a considerable amount of 20 grams of fat, so be sure to eat only portions.
This fresh wonton without sauce is much better in nutrition than its frozen dumpling with sauce. Each wonton contains 15% of the daily fat intake and 7 grams of protein. Pair it with some shredded chicken or vegetables to increase the nutritional value of a meal.
If you want sweets, consider cocoa almond paste. Please be careful to only eat two tablespoons to ensure that you do not increase your calorie or fat intake.
When the Greek Spanakopita suddenly appears at a family gathering, it usually disappears within a few minutes. This frozen dish contains 15% of your daily fat intake and 13% of your daily sodium intake, so if you plan to get something else from lunch sauce, be sure to eat only one serving.
Babka is a staple food in New York. This Trader Joe’s version is a great way to suppress sweets without adding too much fat or sugar throughout the day. With only 7 grams of sugar and 7% of daily sodium intake, this is a good choice for sweets.
When people see the word “matcha”, they usually think the item is healthy. Although these noodles are relatively healthy, consider eating them every once in a while, as one serving contains 31% of your daily sodium intake.
Frozen turkey burger is a staple food for many people. In terms of nutrition, Trader Joe’s is very standard, just pay attention to what ingredients are added to truly maintain these health.
Mexican-style grilled corn from the frozen aisle is a great addition to Tuesday’s tacos. Corn only accounts for 5% of your daily sodium intake and only 180 calories. Remove the cheese pack from the final product to save more calories.
The salad set is a great way to enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner. The Southwestern Chopped Salad Set is a good choice for a meal with only a few calories and a moderate amount of protein. Increase protein by adding chicken or shrimp to the top of the salad.
These pre-cooked lentils are a great way to add flavor and protein to meals. The fat intake of each serving of lentils only accounts for 8% of your daily fat intake, but pay attention to sodium, which is 22% of your daily intake.
Everything about cauliflower has taken over the store shelves. If you are considering adding cauliflower glutinous rice balls to your shopping cart, please note that each serving of this product contains almost no fat and only accounts for 8% of your daily carbohydrate intake.
Joe Joe’s is Trader Joe’s version of the famous chocolate sandwich biscuits. The chocolate and peanut butter versions are dipped in the peanut butter coating to add sweetness. Each cookie contains only 130 calories and 9 grams of sugar, which is a good way to suppress sweets.
This Chilean spiced pineapple is sweet and spicy. Dried pineapple does contain a lot of sugar, but most of it is the natural sugar of pineapple itself. Zero fat, this is a snack we can lag behind.
The combination of dark chocolate and orange is a dessert worth trying. Dark chocolate orange bars only account for 4% of your daily fat intake, but pay attention to the added sugars. If you don’t follow the serving size, these sugars will increase rapidly.
Another cauliflower substitute that people like at Trader Joe’s is cauliflower pizza crust. Each crust has only 120 calories and 10 grams of protein. The sodium content is 11% of your daily intake, and the carbohydrate content is 1% of your daily intake.
Pimento Cheese Dipping Sauce is the southern staple food brought to the public by Trader Joe’s. Be sure to stick to the serving size, because although two tablespoons are a good choice, making it into one or two tablespoons of grilled cheese will definitely increase your fat and sodium intake for the day.
Shakshuka is a tomato sauce that has become a popular breakfast food in the past few years. If you don’t want to stand in front of the stove to make this dish, please consider buying healthy food from Trader Joe’s. The package contains 80 calories per serving and only 11 carbohydrates.
One of the best things you can add to your cart at Trader Joe’s is this creamy cauliflower jalapeno dip. Per serving, the dipping sauce has only 40 calories, 3.5 grams of fat and one carbohydrate. This is a must-have for butter dip lovers.

Post time: Nov-03-2021